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S0 polishing compound  Sea-Line is a polishing paste is designed for professionals – manufacturers, shipyards and products where it forms the outer layer of the technical gelcoat or industrial topcoat with a high hardness.

S0 polishing compound removes imperfections after sanding grit sandpaper, even P800 (depending on the hardness of the surface). The paste is designed to work with with machines with a maximum rotation speed of 2000.

Best when applied with wool and hard sponges.

Surfaces gelcoat, polyurethane paints and varnishes,
Function removing defects from the surface


gloss restoring

Consistency paste
Surface preparation * mechanical grinding manual grinding
light color dark color light color light color
gelcoat P800 ⇒ P1200 ⇒ P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒
polyurethane paint P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒
hign hardness surfaces P1200 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P1500 ⇒ P2000 ⇒