• 48 / 5000 Wyniki tłumaczenia SeaLine Adhesive Sealer MS polymer 200ml white

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is elastic sealant recommended for sealing and bonding various types of materials.
POLYMER is recomended for use on :
  • laminates polyester and epoxyd
  • gelcoat
  • steel (galvanized, aluminium, acid resistance)
  • glass
  • wood
  • varnished and  primed surfaces
  • plexi, polycarbonate (without discoloration on surface)
  • various types of plastic except PE,PP,PTFE
  • concrete and mineral substrates  (ie. gypsum)
Characteristic features of POLYMER
  • resistance to UV and water (also salt water)
  • no need to priming
  • does not discolor surface (does not contain thinners and isocyanate)
  • can be covered by any type of paint
Apply on surfaces no need to priming.
Steel surfaces is recommend to prime using Epoxy Anticorrosion primer 4:1 Sea-Line.
Wood and concrete is recommend to prime using Epoxy Woodprimer 10:4 Sea-Line.
In case of application on natural wood, its humidity should be lower than 20%.
Clean surfaces from rust, damage paint coatings, etc. To increase adhesion, is recommend to sand surfaces by sand paper :
  • wood: P80~P120
  • laminate: P200~P400
  • steel: P80~P120
  • plastic (various types): P200~P400
  • Clean surfaces from dust and contamination.
Grease and salt remove using Cleaner Sea-Line®



Type  laminat, steel, wood, concret, plexi, etc.
Place Above and below waterline
Function sealing



Chemical character hybrid
Densinity 1,44 g/cm³
Curing mechanizm apsorption of moisture from air
Elogation at break to 500% (DIN 53 504)
Tensile strenght 3,0 N/mm² (DIN 53 504)
Tear resistance 20 N/mm
Resistant to temperatures -40ºC to + 90ºC
Resistant to temperatures for short intervals to +120ºC (white, black)
to +100ºC (transparent)
Time for skin formation 20ºC 15 minut
Curing time 20ºC 24 h (weld to 3 mm)
Time to contact with water 20ºC min. 30 minutes
Time to be painted 20ºC 3 day
Shrink no
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