• Winner Optimist Zestaw 3D FLEX z wózkiem

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At the end of 2016, WINNER created a new model, 3D FLEX, which was developed on the basis of the opinions of the best young sailors in the world. The 3D FLEX hull is more flexible than the normal 3D STAR, which allows the sailor to be even faster in all weather conditions. 3D FLEX is unique due to: - 3D hull shape as we know it from 3D STAR - Bottom with low friction technology. - The hull is 15% more flexible, thanks to the use of fiberglass that is less torsion-resistant. - Maststep from Optiparts - 4: 1 mainsail system based on Ronstan Orbit blocks - Well-known ergonomic WINNER finger straps (perfect grip) - Larger openings in the mast-breaking bulkhead. All these things together make the perfect boat for the light sailor. WINNER always tries to build the best OPTIMIST class boats in the world. Thanks to the best materials and well-educated constructors, WINNER provides boats of the highest quality. Consequently, the boat requires less maintenance and is more durable, ensuring that excellent sailing properties are maintained throughout the life of the boat. They use glass fiber for production, which is up to 50% more expensive than standard quality glass fiber. The best gelcoat available in the world is also used to help create a more hydrodynamic surface. 3D FLEX is built with flexibility in mind, for example the opening in the mast bulkhead is bigger, that's one of the things that makes this hull softer than 3D STAR. When you buy 3D FLEX, you get a high-quality product, designed specifically for the lightweight sailor. All boats are built in Denmark by our highly skilled artisans who are recruited locally and are the best in their field.

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