• Yachticon Storm Jacket and Shoe Impregnation 300ml


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Impregnation for Storm Jackets and Shoes

Do you want your storm jackets and shoes to be resistant to rain and moisture? This impregnation spray is the perfect solution! Designed for impregnating clothing and footwear, it provides effective protection against water. You don't have to worry about breathable fabrics losing their properties—this product is specially created for materials with a membrane.


Quick-drying spray

Our impregnation spray dries quickly, allowing you to return to using your clothing and footwear in a short time. Additionally, it leaves no traces or stains on surfaces, so you can enjoy the clean appearance of your clothes. The 300 ml capacity is sufficient for impregnating approximately 3-5 square meters of surface.


Effective and long-lasting protection

This impregnation ensures effective and long-lasting protection against moisture. Thanks to it, your storm jackets and shoes will be protected even on the rainiest days. You no longer have to worry about soaked clothes or wet feet—our spray will ensure that you stay dry and comfortable. Whether you're a sailor, a hiker, or just need rain protection in your daily life, this impregnation will meet your expectations.


Efficient and practical

With a capacity of 0.3 liters, our impregnation can be easily taken with you on a journey or outing. It's a practical solution for physically active individuals and those who frequently change their location. The spray's efficiency, providing coverage for 3-5 square meters per package, means you can enjoy its effectiveness for an extended period without the need for frequent replenishment.

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