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Epoxy Filler with Fiberglass is very durable and can be applied in very thick layers.

Combination of lightweight component A and component B containing fiberglass allows for the apllication of thick layers without damaging the hull.

Recommended for deep cavities and completion bonding in the process of repairing boats.

Repair of deep defects from osmosis.

Repairs damage, cracks and scratches.

Easy to mix and apply.

Cans include components and room for mixing them.

Advantages include increased strength and bond.

50 minutes – pot life 20°C

16 hours – hard for sanding 20°C

2:1 – mixing by volume

100:50 – mixing by weight

First layer: epoxy primer Sea-Line, two-component paints.

Second layer: Epoxy Primers, 1K universal primer, colored Polyurethane Topcoat, anti-fouling paints.

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