• ePropulsion LiFePO4 E60 battery with a capacity of 3072 Wh

The Symbol : EB-0060-00


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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 48V High-performance and durable lithium batteries for electric boats.

Why choose the LiFePO4 E series battery

Maximum safety

Made of LFP, the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) ensures maximum safety for users.

3000 cycles at 80% DOD, the LiFePO4 E series batteries power engines much longer than lead-acid batteries.** With the same capacity.

Competitive prices

The unit price of E40/E80/E175 is only $0.5 per watt-hour.

High energy density

3 times higher energy density and 70% lighter weight than lead-acid batteries.*

Easy to install

E160/E163 connectors can be installed with one hand. No additional tools required.

Fully compatible with ePropulsion motors

Data synchronized with ePropulsion motors for intelligent operation strategies.

Features of the new LiFePO4 E60 batteries

High performance

The E60 (single battery) can handle the full output power of the Navy 3.0 Evo (6HP).

Flexible installation

The height of the E60 battery is only 300 mm, allowing for flexible installation under the boat seat or in other available spaces.

Lightweight construction

It features a new, innovative two-layer plastic housing, weighing only 33 kg and easily liftable by two people.

For E60/E163 batteries, it is necessary to purchase the 30Ah EC-0030-21 charger

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